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RCA Mourns Death of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz זצ”ל

Augusts 7, 2020 – The Rabbinical Council of America, the leading organization of orthodox rabbis in North America, mourns the death of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, zt”l, a master teacher, prolific writer, translator and elucidator of the entire Talmud, and Israel Prize laureate.

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, president of the RCA, said, “Rabbi Steinsaltz, of blessed memory, a gentle and loving soul, opened the gates of Torah and Talmud study in our generation. He inspired tens of thousands, over the span of decades, to greater commitment to Torah Judaism and Torah study with his many books which included the full spectrum of Jewish studies from Tanach to Talmud, and from philosophy to Kabbala and to practical observance.”

RCA Vice President Rabbi Binyomin Blau added, “Rabbi Steinsaltz’s translation, vocalization and elucidation of the Talmudic text was a historic contribution to Torah literature which led to other similar efforts that will have great influence for generations. He made the breadth and depth of classical Jewish wisdom accessible to the broad Hebrew speaking Israeli public and then to the broader Jewish world through the translation of his works into English, Russian, French, Spanish and even Chinese. May his memory be a blessing.”

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