March 7, 2014

RCA/BDA Statement Regarding Past Conversions

A JTA op-ed (March 6, 2014) accuses the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) and its affiliated rabbinical court, the Beth Din of America (BDA), of actively […]
July 19, 2010

RCA Statement Regarding The Rotem Knesset Legislation Pertaining to Conversions

The Rabbinical Council of America is fully aware of the current significant and broad-ranging communal debate regarding the so-called Rotem legislation in the Israel Knesset, dealing […]
April 27, 2010

2010 Convention Resolution: Supporting and Defending Converts

Whereas, those who convert to Judaism according to the halakhah (Jewish law) are welcomed as complete members of the Jewish people; and Whereas, the Torah obligates […]
January 19, 2010

The RCA’s GPS Conversion System: Proof Positive of its Importance and Value

Recent allegations of impropriety on the part of the founder and head of the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF), an organization involved with potential converts to Judaism, […]