Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky

Kohelet Yeshiva High School

March 5, 2019

Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky is founding Rosh Beit Midrash of Kohelet Yeshiva in Lower Merion, PA, where he is the architect and lead teacher of a cutting-edge community education program. He serves as the school’s halakhic authority and teaches high school courses in Gemara, Jewish thought, and Jewish views of intimacy, as well as an interdisciplinary course on Jewish & Western philosophy and the humanities, for which he was recently awarded the inaugural Kohelet Prize. A popular lecturer and author, Rabbi Sinensky recently completed a book-length treatment of the Jewish return to Zion during the Second Temple period, published by Yeshivat Har Etzion’s Virtual Beit Midrash, and is now composing a similar series of the theme of Talmud Torah. His popular essays on Torah and contemporary issues have appeared at The Lehrhaus, The Forward, Torah Musings, Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, Times of Israel, Lookjed and his Personal Blog. Rabbi Sinensky earned his undergraduate, graduate and semicha degrees from Yeshiva University. He previously served as rabbi of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Synagogue, shoel u-meishiv of Nishmat's US-based Miriam Glaubach Center for Yoatzot Halacha, and Judaic Studies teacher at MTA, HAFTR and TABC. Rabbi Sinensky lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA with his wife and three children.