Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser

March 5, 2019

Elchanan Schulgasser was born in Buffalo, NY and grew up in Monsey. After attending Yeshiva Beth Shraga in Monsey, he studied at the Talmudic University, Miami, for ten years where he received semicha. He also earned an MBA from Florida International University. Following this, he was a founding member of the KC Kollel, where he learned for eight years. As a member of the KC Kollel, Elchanan taught classes to a wide range of ages, from grade school students to senior citizens. Drawing on his MBA education, he gave classes on Business Ethics and Contemporary Issues, and a popular series on Medical Ethics at local hospitals. He also directed the Ahoovim program for Adults with Special Needs. Now a Development Manager for Torah Day School of Atlanta, he focuses on the school’s annual campaign, endowment building, and state tax credit program. His major goal is to share the students’ joy and teachers’ passion for Torah with the school’s supporters. A certified mohel, Elchanan has performed brissos in fourteen states. He and his wife Bracha, an MSW and first grade teacher, are the grateful parents of six children. Elchanan takes a strong interest in science and nature, history, and business and economics.