Services to the Elderly 1988
June 1, 1988
Ahavat Yisroel 1989
June 1, 1989

Terrorism 1988

Jun 1, 1988 — TERRORISM

WHEREAS the source of international terrorism continues to plague the entire civilized world, with incidents occurring in the Middle East, Europe, Asia or the Americas, and

WHEREAS terrorism is not the continuation of politics or war by other means, but the worst form of violent rime directed against innocent men, women and children,

The rabbinical Council of America in convention assembled,

APPLAUDS the United States and Great Britain for the significant steps they have taken to expose and combat terrorism, and

CALLS UPON ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD to join together in the struggle against terrorism by emulating these steps, by devoting more resources and attention to security needs, and by uniting in economic sanctions and military action when necessary.

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