November 17, 2011

In the Matter of Clemency for Jonathan Pollard As adopted by the Executive Committee of the RCA on November 17, 2010

Whereas, Jonathan Pollard committed illegal acts of spying against the United States for an American ally for which he was sentenced to life in prison; and […]
May 17, 2001

Jonathan Pollard

Rabbinical Council of America Resolution on Jonathan Pollard May 17, 2001 — In the noblest spirit of Biblical teachings, religious virtue and benevolent aspirations,we, the Rabbinical Council […]
June 1, 1993

Sentence of Jonathan Pollard (1993)

RCA Urges Jewish Community to Speak Out on Behalf of Justice for Pollard Jun 1, 1993 — THE SENTENCE OF JONATHAN POLLARD We, the Rabbinical Council of […]
June 1, 1991

Pollard 1991

Jun 1, 1991 — VIII. RESOLUTION ON POLLARD The Rabbinical Council of America, in convention assembled, endorses andreaffirms the Executive committee resolution of January 1991 which reads […]