March 6, 2019

January 30, 2019

Attendees: Gershon Albert, Daniel Alter, David Asher, Shalom Axelord, Binyamin Blau, Michael Davies, Mark Dratch, Joshua Flug, Yaakov Gibber, Aaron Glatt, Zev Goldberg, Seth Grauer, David […]
April 8, 2005

Register for the May Convention!

RCA Annual Convention To Be Held May 15th-May 17th Send in your registration! The RCA convention will take place May 15th through 17th at the Newark […]
June 1, 1983

Convention 1983

Jun 1, 1983 — Whereas the Rabbinical Council of America is a national organization with members serving in all parts of our country, and Whereas limiting conventions […]
June 1, 1981

Convention 1981

Jun 1, 1981 — XX. THE FORTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION The Rabbinical Council of America at its forty-fifth annual convention assembled,MANDATED by its constitution to set the date […]