RCA Statement Regarding The Rotem Knesset Legislation Pertaining to Conversions
July 19, 2010
November 17, 2010
November 17, 2010

September 1, 2010

The following chaverim were in attendence or on the conference call: Daniel Alter, Hanan Balk, Jack Bieler, Aaron Borow, Daniel Cohen, Ira Ebbin, Zvi Engel, Joel Finkelstein, Dov Fischer, Daniel Friedman, Barry Gelman, Shmuel Goldin, Basil Herring, Shlomo Hochberg, Shmuel Jablon, Benjamin Kelsen, Moshe Kletenik, Sam Klibanoff, Barry Kornblau, Doniel Kramer, Elly Krimsky, Ari Perl, Steven Pruzansky, Fabian Schonfeld, Yoel Schonfeld, Yehuda Septimus, Shmuel Silber, Ze’ev Smason, Adam Starr, Ari Sytner, Elie Weinstock, Richard Weiss, Michael Whitman, Daniel Yolkut, Elie Zwickler, Asher Bush, Simcha Green, Chaim Marder, Shlomo Weissman, Michoel Zylberman. 

The following minutes were approved at the November, 2010 meeting of the Executive Committee:

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, held at the RCA’s office, Wednesday, September 1, 2010, the president in the chair, and Barry Kornblau acting on behalf of the secretary, the following items were decided:

1. Motion to accept minutes of previous Executive Committee meeting (June, 2010); passed unanimously.

2. Motion to create a three-chaver Vaad Hakavod to address a widely reported “act of a public or private nature unbecoming to an [RCA] rabbi” (as per Article 3, Section 4 of RCA Constitution) passed unanimously.

3. Motion to accept a new proposal from Eretz HaChaim Cemetery for the RCA to serve as a broker, at a profit, to sell plots to RCA members passed unanimously.

4. Motion to accept the applications of new members [Aaron Kaplan, Asher Klein, Aaron Leibtag, Danny Masri, David Serkin, and David Wilensky] passed unanimously.

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