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July 23, 2021
October 20, 2021
October 20, 2021

RCA Protests Ban on Kosher and Halal Slaughter

October 5, 2021 – The Rabbinical Council of America, the leading membership organization of orthodox rabbis in North America, strongly protests the Constitutional Court of Belgium’s decision upholding the European Court of Justice’s ruling permitting the European Union to ban religious slaughter without pre-stunning. This decision effectively prevents kosher slaughter by Jews and halal slaughter by Muslims.

Rabbi Binyamin Blau, president of the RCA, said, “The Court’s decision requiring stunning of animals before shechitah (ritual slaughter) violates the religious rights of Muslims and Jews, runs counter to our respective religious laws, and ignores its own recognition that ‘freedom of thought, conscience and religion are the foundations of a democratic society’.”

Rabbi Zvi Engel, first-vice president of the RCA, said, “This decision effectively undermines Jewish life in Europe. It disregards the fact that Jewish law demands humane and sensitive treatment of animals, especially during the ritual slaughter process. We call upon the European Union to address the contradiction between its avowed tolerance, and its demonstration of intolerance of those who practice faith traditions.”

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