RCA-OU Guidance for Yamim Noraim
August 14, 2020
RCA Mourns Passing of Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, zt”l
August 20, 2020

RCA Guide to Tefillot for Rosh Hashanah During COVID

August 17, 2020

Planning davening this year for theYamim Nora’im is quite a challenge. We need to make difficult (and heart-wrenching) decisions as to how long the davening will be, what tefillot to leave in, and what to cut. In order to help you in this daunting task, the RCA has prepared a Guide to Tefillot for Rosh Hashanah During COVID, a list of tefillot with page numbers from the Koren, Artscroll and Birnbaum machzorim. We have indicated which parts of the davening are essential, which are discretionary (בשעת הדחק), and have suggested some piyyutim to which you may want to give prioroity if your minyan has time.

Click here for the guide.

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