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September 10, 2012
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September 21, 2012

RCA Condemns Violence in Name of Religion

The Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), the largest
organization of Orthodox rabbis in the world, extends its deepest
sympathies to the families of American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
and three other embassy staffers murdered during the recent horrific attacks on the United States Consulates in Libya and Egypt.

Such wanton, unjustified violence in the name of religious belief is
an assault on the very name of God and cannot, under any
circumstances, be condoned or accepted. When religion is twisted in
this fashion, good people of all faiths must rise in condemnation.

This coming week, the Jewish community will engage in the deep
introspection associated with Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. “In
anticipation of that process,” stated Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, president
of the RCA, “let us reaffirm our commitment to mutual respect.
Mocking, insulting, or assaulting others for their religious beliefs
is always objectionable and a desecration of the Holy Name of God.”


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