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October 27, 2018
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November 8, 2018

RCA Condemns Presumptuous Theological Justifications of Pittsburgh Massacre

Nov. 7, 2018 – The Rabbinical Council of America, the leading membership organization of orthodox rabbis in North America, notes that in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh tragedy there were some rabbis who promoted a hateful message claiming that the kedoshim (holy Jews) murdered in the Tree of Life synagogue died as punishment for sinful behavior.

We condemn this assertion in the strongest of terms as a gross distortion of our holy Torah’s values as well as being presumptuous and insensitive. The kedoshim of Pittsburgh were murdered Al Kiddush Hashem (sanctifying God’s Name) in that they were targeted because they were Jews (See Responsa Mi-Ma’amakim 2:4).

We call upon everyone to refrain from offering theological pronouncements that are based on false assumptions and distortions. To claim to understand God’s intent when tragedy strikes is itself the ultimate Chillul Hashem(desecration of God’s Name).

May God grant our leaders the wisdom to comport ourselves with dignity and wisdom.


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