Tzurba M’Rabanan Special Edition
April 3, 2020
Expanded Guidelines for Taharas Hameis
April 5, 2020

Practice Leadership ‘Ands’ During Times Of Uncertainty And Disruption

April 3, 2020

Leaders are being tested by COVID-19 and the rapidly evolving responses that are dramatically disrupting how we work in our organizations and with our teams. We have many leadership habits that help us deal with all that comes at us in normal times, but those habits are being disrupted by this global pandemic. As things get busier and more challenging, it is easy for leaders to get caught up in the energy. From my 20-plus years as an executive coach, I know those who are most successful stay engaged with their advisors and coach, take the time to think before acting despite the pressures and demonstrate sustainable leadership. Here are four powerful points that can guide you as a leader in this time of crisis. Positioned as a series of “and” statements, they are designed to help you be both responsive and intentional.

  • Be reactive and intentional
  • Create clarity and appreciate ambiguity.
  • Show courage and do it collaboratively.
  • Create social distance and stay personally and visually engaged

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