Write N/A if not applicable or "Same" if it is the same as your primary number.
Your application must be accompanied by a photograph of your יורה יורה Semicha document(s) stating that you were tested in איסור והיתר
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To qualify for RCA admission, you must have spent at least 6 years (for at least 5 hours a day) of post-high school learning in a traditional Beit Midrash setting. This INCLUDES your Semicha studies. Please indicate your COMPLETE Yeshiva history.
If you did not receive an Undergraduate (Baccalaureate) Degree, write "N/A"
If you did not receive a Master's Degree or higher, write "N/A"
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Select "Regular" if you are employed or seeking paid-work in a Rabbinically-related field. Otherwise select "Associate" membership; you will enjoy all membership benefits and privileges except for voting on any matter or running in an RCA election.