Rabbi Yehudah Potok

Academic Director & Dean of Faculty at the Prozdor Hebrew High School, Boston, MA

Jan 26, 2007

Rabbi Yehudah Potok grew up in Nanuet, NY. Wanting to spend more time devoted to learning, he decided that becoming a rabbi would suit this purpose. Both his parents were Jewish educators so he decided to follow in their footsteps. He enjoys chinuch and thought that Rabbanut would be good way to continue in this path. He has semicha from Yeshivat Hamivtar as well as Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.

In May 1999, Rabbi Potok received a B.A. in Sociology of Health and Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. He also holds an M.S. degree in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University's Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration.

He is currently the Academic Director and Dean of Faculty at the Prozdor Hebrew High School of Hebrew College. He is an instructor at the Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education at Hebrew College. He has worked at Camp Yavneh for the last 13 years, where he has been the Assistant Director for the past 2 years, as well as being on their Board of Trustees. He is an active member of the Young Israel of Sharon and a member of the American Society for Curriculum Development. He has been a member RCA for three years and is also a member of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis. Rabbi Potok is a new member on the University of Pennsylvania Milton Secondary School Committee.

He has spoken at various conferences on Jewish Bioethics as well as Denominationalism in Judaism. He and Joel Sussman recently edited a new siddur called "Keren Or B'Yavneh" a siddur written with summer camp in mind and has also published a curriculum in Jewish Bioethics through the Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis University.

Rabbi Potok is married to Shira Loewenstein and they have one son, Adiel Shimon.