Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin

Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation ("The BAYT")

Oct 28, 2015

Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin received his rabbinic ordination from HaRav Yaakov Ruderman zt"l, of Ner Israel Rabbinic College. He is mara d'asra (senior rabbi) of Beth Avraham Yosef of Toronto Congregation ("The BAYT"). He has also served pulpits in San Diego (Young Israel), Los Angeles (Kehillat Yavneh), and Allentown, PA (Sons of Israel).

Rabbi Korobkin holds a Master of Science degree from Johns Hopkins University, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Medieval Jewish and Islamic Thought from UCLA. He continues to pursue his studies in Jewish philosophy in Toronto. He is the translator and annotator of the Feldheim edition of Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi's Kuzari, which has recently been republished in a new edition.