Rabbi Michael Whitman

Adath Israel Poale Zedek Anshei Ozeroff

March 5, 2019

Rabbi Whitman has Smichah from Ner Yisroel and his degree is from Columbia University. Rabbi Whitman served as a Rav in New Orleans for four years, then fourteen years in New Haven, Connecticut, and is now in Montreal for eighteen years. In addition, Rabbi Whitman serves as RCA Northeast Regional Vice-President and the chair of the Semichah Standards Committee. Throughout his career, Rabbi Whitman has been active in the RCA. He has served on the Executive Committee, is a past-president and active member of the RCA-Montreal Region. Rabbi Whitman is the Yosheiv Rosh of the RCA Geirut Bet Din – Montreal Region. He has written and advocated for the Canadian version of the RCA Halachic Prenup, based on Igros Moshe, that complies with Canadian law. A number of years ago, he was proud to be the recipient of the RCA Rabbi Jacob Rubinstein Award for Rabbinic Excellence. Among the other activities and causes about which he is passionate are: teaching at McGill University Faculty of Law, working with Auberge Shalom Women’s Shelter, overseeing the community Eruv, leading trips to Israel, and his shul’s Inclusion Task Force.