Rabbi Ian Bailey

Tiferes Chaim Career Development Center

March 5, 2019

Rabbi Bailey was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and studied in Yerushalayim at The Jerusalem Kollel (Yorah Yorah), and Yeshiva Beis Moshe Chaim in Miami Beach, FL (B.A., Religious Education). He served as a synagogue and city rabbi in Sacramento, CA, and then earned an M.A. in Psychology, Marriage & Family Therapy, from Touro University Worldwide. Rabbi Bailey now provides psychotherapy services for children, families, couples, and individuals, at Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc., in Baltimore, MD (LCPC). His counseling includes work in structural family therapy (Minuchin), trauma, play therapy, CBT+, and work with minorities and low-SES clients. Rabbi Bailey has published an article on the importance of contemporary archetypes in play therapy and family counseling and has previously published a self-development book which utilizes a personality system based on the seven sefirot of the Ushpizin, The Seven Ways (2011).