Rabbi Eric Levy

Groupon Inc.

March 5, 2019

Rabbi Eric Levy attended and graduated from, in ascending order, HANC, YU, the Gush, Touro, and Revel. He has had the benefit and blessing to learn from true luminaries, including Rabbi Shlomo Wahrman, his Roshei Yeshiva Amital and Lichtenstein, rabbis Leibtag, bin Nun and Broyde, and professors Eichler, Steiner, Cohen and Leiman. He received Smicha from rabbis E. Greenblatt and Z. N. Goldberg, and passed the Israeli Rabbinate’s Yoreh De’ah test. (Some day, he might get to the other tests!) He also served in Chativa 7, in the IDF. Rabbi Levy has taught Torah and administered at a number of great high schools, including KYHS, Ulpanat Orot, Or Chaim, NSHAHS, and Yeshiva Atlanta. He has had the honor to teach at YCT’s Biblical conference, for Torah in Motion, and for some of the OU’s online Torah sites, including Nach Yomi. Thanks to the forbearance of various pulpit rabbis, Rabbi Levy has taught and continues to teach at various shuls, including AABJ&D, the BAYT, YI of Toco Hills, Emek Beracha in Palo Alto, and YI of Plainview, where he currently lives with his wife Leah (author of “The Waiting Wall” and other children's stories) and two of their four children. Their two older children study at Pratt Institute and Einstein College of Medicine, not that Rabbi Levy is bragging. Rabbi Levy currently works undercover at Groupon, Inc. where he helps code their iPhone app. He also coded an online searchable Septuagint, for those whom Shtayim Mikra Echad Targum is not hard enough. Many of Rabbi Levy’s recordings and writings, as well as links to other Biblical resources can be found at www.ericlevy.com.