Rabbi Dov Schreier

Young Israel of North Bellmore, Long Island; Orthodox Union Kashrus Division

Mar 20, 2014

Rabbi Dov Schreier was born in Brooklyn, NY. His father, Rabbi Max N. Schreier has been in the Rabbinate for almost 55 years. Although as a young man he was interested in entering the rabbinate, he was unsure about it because of the shul and communal politics that rabbis must deal with. As he began to give shiurim and drashos while studying for semicha, he realized that what he could contribute to the field of rabbinate far outweighed his original concerns. Ultimately, he wanted to be able to serve the community as best as he could, while making an impact on people’s lives.

Rabbi Schreier studied at Yeshiva University, where he received his BA in Economics in 1993 and semicha in 1996. He also received Semicha from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in 1996. He completed coursework for a Masters in Education from Yeshiva University’s Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration in 1997. In December 1999, he became rabbi in the Young Israel of Jackson Heights and currently, he serves as rabbi of the Young Israel of North Bellmore, NY.

Rabbi Schreier is also a Rabbinic Coordinator in the Kashrus Division of the Orthodox Union, where he serves as the Director of Food Service (Caterers, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals) and Assistant Director of Passover productions. He has written many articles on the topics of Kashrus for various OU and trade publications.

He is active in Yeshivat Shaalvim (where he studied for two years) and in a number of chesed organizations in Israel, including Ezra LeMarpeh and Meir Panim. Rabbi Schreier is also a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, where he has established hashgacha in many businesses in his community.

In his community, Rabbi Schreier has run for several years a successful program to bring youth, along with their parents, closer to Judaism. Sharing one of many stories, Rabbi Schreier tells the story of how a 13 year old boy became more interested in yiddishkeit and involved with the shul. Eventually, the community raised money to send him to a religious day camp, and he is currently in a yeshiva high school. This was done with the help of the Long Island NCSY (National Council of Synagogue Youth) program called FNL, or Friday Night Lights. Another 13 year old girl involved in this program told her father that she would not use her TV or her computer games on Shabbos anymore, so he bought her board games to play on Shabbos instead. And yet another family called the president of the shul to tell them they could not come to the Friday night program anymore because they had decided they would no longer drive on Shabbos, and they could not walk from such a distance. The president invited them to stay with him for Shabbos.

Rabbi Schreier is married to Yaffa, (nee Frankel) who is a teacher in Shulamith School for Girls of Long Island, where his daughters attend. They are the proud parents of Shoshana, Yaakov, Asher, Yael, and Miriam.