Rabbi David Bassous

Highland Park, NJ

Mar 18, 2014

Rabbi David Bassous grew up in London, England. He attended the Hasmonean Grammar School for boys and earned his B.Sc in engineering from the University of London in 1979. He studied in Gatesehead Yeshiva in England and in Yeshivat Hanegev in Netivot, Israel. In 1985 he received semicha from Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, ZATZAL, of Midrash Sefaradi, Jerusalem.

Rabbi Bassous has been the rabbi of congregation Etz Ahaim, Highland Park, N.J since 1991 where he has provided his guidance, energy and leadership on many levels developing it into a vibrant younger community. He offers spiritual counseling and advice to congregants of all ages, organizes outreach social programs, teaches teen classes and groups and presents a wide range of adult education lectures. He is a shochet, mohel an sofer and is a member of the local Vaad.

Rabbi Bassous has also served, from 2004, as the early Childhood Judaic Director of Magen David Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. He has developed and implemented an advanced Ivrit and Judaic curriculum for early childhood and has developed and implemented the parent education program.

In 2001 Rabbi Bassous co-founded and served as the Rabbinical Director of Ben Porat Yosef Yeshiva of Bergen County, NJ. He performed a wide range of functions to start a new school, involving the development of a new curriculum and parent education program, fundraising and attracting new students.

When asked to describe what he enjoys about the rabbinate, Rabbi Bassous said, “ I enjoy giving shiurim to all ages, doing outreach and fostering spiritual growth in people.”

Rabbi Bassous is married to Clara, nee Benmergui, and they are blessed with seven children and nine grandchild.