Rabbi Chaim Wakslak

Young Israel of Long Beach

March 5, 2019

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Wakslak has been the spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Long Beach for the past 30 years. Credited with revitalizing the Long Beach Jewish community, Rabbi Wakslak is responsible for the building of a new shul and Mikveh and for the creation of the South Shore Vaad Hakashrus. He has instituted a Daf Yomi shiur amongst many other Torah forum s and lectures reflecting his scope of Talmudic knowledge. He is a sought after lecturer and orator. Rabbi Wakslak received Semicha from Yeshiva Torah Vodaas. A licensed clinical psychologist, Rabbi Wakslak, who has a Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology from Hofstra University, served as clinical director and administrator of the Brunswick Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital in Amityville, NY. For the past seventeen years he has been at HASC Center where he serves as Clinical Director. He serves as a consultant to the New York State Department of Education and the New York State Department of Disability Determinations.