Rabbi Avram Bogopulsky

Beth Jacob Congregation, San Diego, CA

Jun 6, 2006

Rabbi Avram Bogopulsky was born and raised in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, New York. He attended the Etz Chaim Yeshiva, and was actually the last graduating class. From there his family moved to Flatbush where he attended high school at M.T.A. After high school, Rabbi Bogopulsky went to study abroad at Yeshiva Neveh Zion in Telshe- Stone, Israel. After almost two years, the Rabbi along with six others came to Yeshiva Shaarei Torah in Monsey, N.Y. Under the influence and guidance of his Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Berel Wein and the tutelage of his personal Rebbi, Rabbi Laibel Reznick, Rabbi Bogopulsky pursued a career in the Rabbinate. It was the inspirational words and messages of Rabbi Wein that instilled within Rabbi Bogopulsky a desire to be of service to Klal Yisrael.

With this in mind, Rabbi Bogopulsky focused on his future goals in life. In 1987 he received his Bachelors of Science from St. Thomas Aquinas, in psychology. In February 1989, he married the former Leah Rosen of Kew Garden Hills, Queens, N.Y. He learned in Kollel the last two and a half years of the eight that he spent in Shaarei Torah. This time was strictly dedicated to receiving Semicha and Shimush from Rabbi Wein. In the summer of 1991, Avram, Leah, and Yehudis their oldest daughter accepted teaching positions at the Hillel Academy of Broome County in Binghamton, N.Y.

For two years the New York Rabbi and Rebbetzin got acquainted with the "out of town" lifestyle and small Jewish community. During this time their two sons Yisrael and Dovid were born. But the Rabbi's dream was to be a pulpit Rabbi. In 1993 he became the assistant Rabbi at Brith Shalom Beth Israel Synagogue in Charleston, South Carolina. There he taught half day at the day school while learning the dos and don'ts of the Rabbinate. Before leaving Charleston their southern belle Hadassa was born. After becoming very close and fond of their two previous communities and establishing strong ties in both places they moved out west.

In July of 1996, Avram Bogopulsky assumed the mantle of leadership at Beth Jacob Congregation San Diego, California where he remains until today. He currently sits on the board of the local Vaad HaRabbonim. He also serves and manges the local Eruv in the community as well as helps maintain a four man mini Kollel under the auspices of the Shul. Beth Jacob is the oldest Orthodox Shul in San Diego starting officially in 1939.

When asked about his favorite aspect of the Rabbinate Rabbi Bogopulsky replied."My favorite aspect of the Rabbinate is to see people growing spiritually, emotionally, and as a person. "There's really nothing so special or unique about what we do, We (my wife and I and kids) are just trying to help Klal Yisrael in our small way".

Rabbi and Mrs Bogopulsky currently live with their five children Bli Ayin Hara, Yehudis 15, Yisrael 14, Dovid 13, hadassa 10 and Aryeh Leib 6 in San Diego.