Rabbi Asher Meir, PhD

Research Director, Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem

Sep 18, 2008

Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir is the Research Director of the Business Ethics Center of Jerusalem.
A leading authority in the field of Jewish business ethics, Rabbi Meir is the author of two weekly syndicated columns on the topic. The first, "The Jewish Ethicist" analyzes contemporary ethical dilemmas from the standpoint of Jewish tradition and appears on the Aish.com site and the Jewish World Review site since 2001. Ethics at Work, which adopts a more general ethical perspective, has appeared weekly in the Jerusalem Post since 2004. Rabbi Meir gives frequent lectures on the topic of Jewish Business Ethics, including a weekly shiur on the WebYeshiva. He has been a scholar in residence in Orange County CA, Toronto, New York, and London.

For many years, Rabbi Meir was a Senior Lecturer at the Jerusalem College of Technology, where he taught accredited courses in economics and business ethics.

Rabbi Meir is the author of two well-received books: The Jewish Ethicist, published by Ktav, is based on the weekly syndicated column; Meaning in Mitzvot, distributed by Feldheim, provides insights into the inner meaning of our everyday observances, following the order of the Kitzur Shulchan Arukh.

Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the RCA's new ethics initiative, Jewish Principles and Ethical Guidelines for Business and Industry (JPEG).

Rabbi Meir studied at the Har Etzion Yeshiva in Alon Shevut, where he obtained his ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in 5757 (1997). He also studied for a number of years at Mercaz HaRav in Jerusalem.

He lives in Efrat with his wife Attara and their children Shira, Renana, Hillel, Yisrael Zeev, Hanania, Sarah and Nechama Chaya.