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April 14, 2014
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June 3, 2014

May 28, 2014

The following chaverim were in attendance or on the conference call: Daniel Alter, Gedalyah Berger, Binyamin Blau, Nasanayl Braun, Daniel Cohen, Judah Dardik, Dov Fischer, Arie Folger, Barry Freundel, Shmuel Goldin, Uri Goldstein, Yonah Gross, Rafael Grossman, Wesley Kalmar, Moshe Kletenik, Barry Kornblau, Daniel Korobkin, Ira Kronenberg, Akiva Males, Chaim Marder, Leonard Matanky, Jonathan Morgenstern, Brett Oxman, Ari Perl, Steven Pruzansky, David Rabhan, Mitchell Rocklin, Benjamin Samuels, Fabian Schonfeld, Yerachmiel Seplowitz, Eliyahu Teitz, Etan Tokayer, Reuven Tradburks, Shlomo Weissman, Howard Wolk, David Wolkenfeld, Howard Zack, and Michoel Zylberman.

Minutes for May, 2014 meeting of the RCA Executive Committee
At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, held at 305 7th Avenue, New York, NY, on Wednesday, May 28, 2014, President Leonard Matanky in the chair, and Reuven Tradburks acting on behalf of the secretary, the following items were decided:

  • A motion to accept minutes of the April 2, 2014, Executive Committee meeting passed unanimously.
  • President Leonard Matanky reported that a Vaad Hakavod met; that convention registration is positive; and, that negotiations with Artscroll for the new RCA siddur are progressing positively.
  • Barry Kornblau reported that the 2014 Nominations Committee will send out its slate shortly and that the 2014 Election Committee will send out its procedures shortly, as well. Ira Ebbin and Elie Weinstock resigned from the Elections Committee in order to be eligible for nomination by the 2014 Nominations Committee; Joel Finkelstein and David Algaze were nominated and approved unanimously to replace them.
  • Binyamin Blau reported on activities of the Semicha Standards Committee. A motion to accept Rav Dovid Koenig of Kollel Halichos Yerushalayim as a private masmich was tabled in order to distribute information about him.
  • Gedalyah Berger reported on the activities of the Constitution Committee. He anticipates that it will complete its work in the next few months. Special meetings of the Executive Committee will be scheduled to discuss this Constitution.
  • Yonah Gross reported on the Forum Discussion Committee.
  • A motion to allow Barry Kornblau, an employee of the RCA, to designate $17,000 from his RCA salary as parsonage was approved unanimously

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