OU/RCA on the Passing of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia
February 15, 2016
Between Jerusalem & Rome
March 15, 2016

March 8, 2016

The following chaverim were in attendance or on the conference call: Shalom Baum, Gedalyah Berger, Jack Bieler, Binyamin Blau, Nasanayl Braun, Daniel Cohen, Michael Davies, Mark Dratch, Ira Ebbin, Zvi Engel, Joel Finkelstein, Dov Fischer, Arie Folger, Zev Goldberg, Avrohom Gordimer, Yonah Gross, Shlomo Hochberg, Jerold Isenberg, Wesley Kalmar, Barry Kornblau, Doniel Kramer, Elly Krimsky, Aaron Liebtag, Chaim Marder, Leonard Matanky, Yechiel Morris, Mitchell Rocklin, Fabian Schonfeld, Yoel Schonfeld, Yerachmiel Seplowitz, Yechiel Shaffer, Ze’ev Smason, Adam Starr, Gil Student, Kalman Topp, Reuven Tradburks, Brahm Weinberg, Elie Weinstock, Shlomo Weissmann, Michael Whitman, Jeremiah Wohlberg, Howard Zack, Elie Zwickler, and Michoel Zylberman.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, held in person at the RCA Offices, 305 Seventh Ave., 12th Floor, NY, and by conference call, on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, President Shalom Baum in the chair, and Reuven Tradburks acting on behalf of the secretary, the following items were decided:

  • Minutes of meeting of January 21, 2016 were approved.
  • A motion to approve Revised Election Rules for 2016 & ff. passed unanimously.
  • A motion to approve Lenny Matanky (chairman), Nesanayl Braun, Asher Bush, Eddie Davis, Avrohom Gordimer, and Akiva Males as members of the 2016 Nominations Committee passed unanimously.
  • A motion to approve Chaim Strauchler (chairman), Jeffrey Bienenfeld, David Brofsky, Jerry Isenberg, and Menachem Schrader as members of the 2016 Resolutions Committee passed unanimously.
  • A motion to approve Elly Krimsky (chairman), Wesley Kalmar, and Mordechai Torczyner as members of 2016 Elections Committee passed unanimously.
  • A motion to approve Alec Goldstein, Yirmiyah Moldovan, Avinoam Durani, Binyamin Silver, Avi Anderson, and Simcha Mirvis as new members passed unanimously with one abstention.
  • A motion to modify the RCA’s Whistleblower policy passed unanimously.
  • A motion to pass “Between Jerusalem and Rome”, an Orthodox Jewish response to Nostra Aetate to be issued jointly by the RCA, the Conference of European Rabbis, and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel passed unanimously with 2 abstentions.
  • A motion to remove Rabbi Nosson Kopshitz of Beit Shemesh from the list of approved private masmichim passed unanimously.
  • A motion to create a non-public list of certain RCA-approved yeshivot and private musmachim passed unanimously. Initially, it includes the following private masmichim, all previously approved by the Executive Committee: Rabbis Hershel Schachter and Menachem Genack (RIETS), and Mordechai Friedlander (Telz Stone). 

Shalom Baum shared a Davar Torah about Purim and reported on:

  • RCA participation in the recent, annual Conference of Presidents trip to Israel
  • Progress with Koren publishers on the RCA siddur and other publications
  • Possible changes to RCA Discussion Forums
  • Buy Israel for Purim & Pesach


  • Mark Dratch reported that the 2016 Convention will take place from Monday, June 27 through Wednesday, June, 29, 2016 at Hilton Woodcliff Lake.
  • Reuven Tradburks reported on the overall purpose, history, governance, and activities of the Israel Region.
  • Dov Fischer discussed recent US presidential voting which happened on Saturdays. Shalom Baum and Mark Dratch agreed that this matter merits attention and stated they would contact Nathan Diament at OU and other interested parties about how to proceed.
  • The passing of Emanuel Holzer was noted.

Mazel Tov wishes were extended to Elazar Muskin on being honored by his community for thirty years of service, and to Efrem Goldberg on being honored by his community for ten years of service


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