RCA Condemns Calls for Revenge
December 24, 2015
RCA on Recent Murderous Attacks Against Innocent Israelis
January 19, 2016

January 12, 2016

The following chaverim were in attendance or on the conference call: Shalom Baum, Gedalyah Berger, Jack Bieler, Binyamin Blau, Nasanayl Braun, Daniel Cohen, Michael Davies, Mark Dratch, Zvi Engel, David Fine, Joel Finkelstein, Dov Fischer, Arie Folger, Zev Goldberg, Avrohom Gordimer, Shlomo Hochberg, Jerold Isenberg, Benjamin Kelsen, Barry Kornblau, Doniel Kramer, Elly Krimsky, Aaron Liebtag, Chaim Marder, Leonard Matanky, Yechiel Morris, Elazar Muskin, Ari Perl, Mitchell Rocklin, Shmuel Silber, Gil Student, Eliyahu Teitz, Kalman Topp, Reuven Tradburks, Brahm Weinberg, Elie Weinstock, Shlomo Weissmann, Michael Whitman, Mark Wildes, Howard Wolk, Howard Zack, and Michoel Zylberman.

At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, held in person at held at Congregation Keter Torah, 600 Roehmer Ave., Teaneck, NJ and by conference call on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, President Shalom Baum in the chair, and Reuven Tradburks acting on behalf of the secretary, the following items were decided:

  • A motion to approve minutes of regular meeting of December 1, 2015 and of special meeting of December 22, 2015 passed unanimously.
  • A motion to establish Whistleblower and Conflict of Interest polices passed unanimously.
  • A motion to establish Audit and Finance Committees passed unanimously. This replaces the previously created Audit and Finance Committee.
  • A motion to nominate Eliyahu Teitz (chair), Binyamin Blau, and Arie Folger to serve on Finance Committee passed unanimously.
  • A motion to nominate Elie Weinstock (chair), Joel Finkelstein and Brahm Weinberg to serve on the Audit Committee passed unanimously.
  • A motion to approve Yeshivat Ner Yitzchak (Jerusalem) and Rav Ratzon Arusi (Kiryat Ono, Israel) as private masmichim passed unanimously (with one abstention).
  • A motion to nominate Daniel Korobkin to serve as one of the twelve RCA members on the Beth Din of America’s Board of Directors (as required by its bylaws), passed unanimously.
  • A motion to accept parsonage declarations for RCA employees passed unanimously.

Additionally, Shalom Baum reported on the following:

  • An amicus brief was submitted to the US Court of Appeals in support of freedom of religion of a chaplain
  • An amicus brief was submitted to the US Supreme Court on behalf of Little Sisters.
  • Encouraged participation at AIPAC’s Policy Conference, in Buy Israel, and in support of family of terrorist victim Rabbi Reuven Biermacher.

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