Birchas Yitzchak al HaTorah                                  ספר ברכת יצחק

Divrei Torah on the weekly parasha by Menachem Genack, including insights by the Rav. Rabbi Genack requests anyone with he’arot to contact him at

Bereshit: Creation & Evolution

Nisson Shulman. A Lecture Sermon: Why the debate between “Creationists” and “Evolutionists” is not a Jewish problem. What we really learn from Bereshit.


The world is full of good beginners, but deficient in good finishers. Much promise, and in the end much disappointment.

Bereshit Rav J. B. Soloveitchik, zt”l

Kol Hashem מתהלך. Eating of the forbidden fruit.

Haftorah Themes and Analysis

by Gidon Rothstein