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October 11, 2016
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November 14, 2016

2016 Resolution: Supporting Israel in the Face of Violence

Whereas anti-Semitism is rampant in Palestinian society, incited by many Muslim political, cultural and religious leaders, among other causes; and

Whereas as a result of this and other factors, Palestinian Arabs this past year committed numerous acts of murder, wanton violence, and terror against innocent Jews, Americans, and others in Israel; and,

Whereas many governments and people of goodwill have stood by Israel, condemning these actions and the hate that generates them; and,

Whereas some media reports and government statements have accused Israel of false crimes while failing to call Palestinian Arabs to task for incitement and glorifying terror, and,

Whereas even the UN, consistent with its lamentable history of employing a double standard in unfairly and unjustly singling out Israel for vilification and condemnation while ignoring the criminal violence perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs against innocents in Israel, only encourages and contributes to such violence,

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America urges all Jews and people of good faith to:

Express their solidarity with Israel.

Participate in and support organizations that help Israeli terror victims.

Commend those governments and people of goodwill who have stood with Israel by condemning this violence.

Encourage those organizations who hold government officials and media reportage accountable to the truth, and publicize their falsehoods and biases, wherever appropriate.

Write well-documented letters to the editor and op-eds to correct these abuses.

Call upon their governmental representatives to support Israel and to condemn this violence.

Call upon the UN to condemn this violence perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs against innocents in Israel.

Call upon all clergy of good faith to continue educating their constituencies as to the facts of the Middle East conflict, to use their pulpits to foster tolerance and mutual understanding, and to rebuke those who would stoke the fires of hatred with lies and incitement.


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