RCA Condemns Attack in Toulouse, France, and Expresses Appreciation to the Government of France
March 20, 2012
2012 Convention Resolution: Tuition Affordability
May 10, 2012

2012 Convention Resolution: Safeguarding the Religious Rights of all Americans

Whereas as Americans we must never compromise freedom of religion for all of our citizens; and

Whereas the Rabbinical Council of America stands united with Americans of all faiths in supporting freedom of religion; and

Whereas in January of 2012, a new Department of Health and Human Services regulation under the Affordable Care Act mandated certain minimum health insurance coverage requirements that most employers must provide to their employees; and

Whereas, many religious groups were concerned that these requirements would require some employers to violate the injunctions of their religion

Therefore, the Rabbinical Council of America

Commends the Catholic Church and other religious organizations for raising issues of concern on this matter; and

Commends the President and his administration for considering and responding to citizens’ concerns with said regulation; and

Urges the Administration, in consultation with relevant religious bodies, to include further necessary protections to safeguard the religious rights of all Americans.


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