May 15, 2011
May 15, 2011
RCA Joins with Other Organizations in Reaffirming its Opposition to Same Sex Marriage
May 23, 2011

2011 Convention Resolution: Supporting Israel

Whereas the US/Israel partnership is the cornerstone of American interests in the Middle East; and
Whereas the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) continues its unwavering support of Israel and all of its loyal citizens, recognizing that all Jews have a special bond with it, and an obligation to support, it; and
Whereas Israel is once again enduring attacks from Palestinian groups who refuse to live with it in peace, with rocket fire from Gaza and horrific terrorist attacks in Itamar and Jerusalem again terrorizing citizens of Israel; and
Whereas no sovereign country, including Israel, should tolerate wanton violence upon its citizenry; and
Whereas decisions relating to the security of a sovereign nation, including Israel, should be left solely to its elected leaders

Therefore, in total solidarity with Israel, the RCA

Expects the world to recognize the right of Jews, like all other people, to live securely anywhere they wish, in Israel or anywhere else in the world; and
Condemns acts of terrorism against Israel citizens; and
Proclaims the right of Israel to defend itself against all violence perpetrated by its enemies; and
Demands that the United Nations formally repudiate the Goldstone Report, which defamed Israel’s legitimate military efforts to defend itself; and
Declares that the attempt by other governments, including allies, to pressure Israel to make territorial compromises is unjust; and that the future of Yehuda and Shomron must be decided in Israel where the ramifications of such decisions will be felt; and
Deems unacceptable attempts by non-Israeli individuals or groups to pressure Israel to change its laws through economic boycotts, sanctions, or divestments from Israel, and affirms that such pressure should be resisted through all peaceful means; and
Rejects the efforts of J Street, which claims to be working in the best interests of Israel, to oppose Israel’s elected government; and
Applauds AIPAC, which has consistently upheld the right of Israel to make its own security decisions; and
Encourages RCA members to participate actively in AIPAC’s efforts to lobby on behalf of Israel; and
Calls upon the government of the United States to maintain its ongoing aid to Israel, and to recognize that Israel is awaiting a partner with whom to speak so that it can finally achieve the peace it so eagerly desires; and
Thanks governments around the world which steadfastly support Israel.


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